In two words

exofab™ is a leading developer & manufacturer of specially designed “guards” for device protection with the use of Innovative materials!

What motivated us

Unsatisfied with how regular mobile phone cases made our most prized possessions look like, we searched for other alternative ways of protecting them.
Fat & bulky cases the market had to offer were simply not an option!


What we did about it

exofab™ tech team spent hours on the drawing board trying to find the most effective and non-intrusive way to protect a mobile device.
After trial and error they found that a thin guard made of Smart materials will offer the same level of protection a regular case would!
Key point to this result are the physical chemical & mechanical properties of the materials used along with specific dimensions and positioning of the adhesive guard!


What we now offer


exofab™ is proud to offer innovative products that provide extreme Scratch – Impact – Drop protection without sacrificing safety or appearance! Our New Generation of guards are so effective that make fat and bulky mobile phone cases obsolete!